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Why Sibiu?

Sibiu County represents an attractive investment destination, with a solid infrastructure, a skilled workforce, and opportunities in various sectors. It provides a conducive environment for business development and expansion into international markets.

Sibiu County is much more than just a tourist destination. It is a dynamic hub for investors, a fertile ground for innovative ideas, and a reliable partner on the path to international success. Here, businesses find an open gateway to diverse opportunities and a community dedicated to sustainable economic growth.


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Our dedicated and experienced team aims to create a conducive environment in which businesses can thrive, grow, and reach their maximum potential.

Points of interest

Geographic location


Sibiu is strategically located in the heart of Transylvania, with geographical coordinates of 45.7928° N latitude and 24.1521° E longitude. This central position provides easy access to the most important European markets and creates a logistical advantage for investors, allowing for efficient distribution of products throughout the region.


Infrastructure, Sibiu International Airport, Highway

Sibiu County has an excellent infrastructure, including Sibiu International Airport which provides direct connections to various European destinations, ensuring accessibility for investors and enhancing its appeal for international businesses, and access to the A1 highway that connects Western and Southern Europe.

Main Sectors of Activity


Sibiu County excels in sectors such as the automotive industry, electronics manufacturing, IT&C, food industry, construction, wood processing, and tourism.


Administrative structure

The Sibiu County is divided into two municipalities, Sibiu and Medias and several towns and communes, each with distinct resources and opportunities. This administrative structure allows investors to identify optimal locations for their projects, considering the specific characteristics of each area.

Low Unemployment Rate


The low unemployment rate in Sibiu County reflects a stable labor market and provides a favorable environment for talent recruitment and retention.


Skilled Workforce

Sibiu County has a skilled and well-prepared workforce, including graduates from universities and technical education institutions, who are ready to contribute to business development.

The diversity of key fields confirms that Sibiu County has a versatile workforce ready to support economic development across a wide range of sectors. Sibiu County stands out for its qualified workforce in several key sectors, including:

Companies producing automotive components and assembly, benefiting from advanced technology and engineering expertise.

Software and Hardware development, IT services, technological solutions, and support for innovation through digital industry.

Manufacturing of machinery, industrial equipment, and components, with a focus on innovation and quality.

Specialists in the field of architecture, civil engineering and construction, contributing to infrastructure development.

Hospitality, gastronomy, tourism, and event management, considering the influx of visitors.

The production of electronic components and equipment, with a focus on advanced technologies.

Food processing, from meat to bakery products and dairy, maintaining high-quality standards.

Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu and other educational institutions provide specialists in various fields and support research.

Fashion design, garment manufacturing, and textile production. Energy and Environment: Expertise in renewable energy, waste management, and eco-friendly practices for a sustainable environment.



Tourism represents not only a growth engine for Sibiu but also a magical gateway to a fascinating world of unique historical and cultural attractions. This Transylvanian gem unveils its rich UNESCO heritage and historical charm in a captivating manner.

With colorful houses and cobbled streets that bear witness to the past, Sibiu flourishes as a place where history meets the present. The Old Town, a historical heritage, intertwines architectural mastery with the contemporary ambiance of outdoor cafes and restaurants.

The developed tourist infrastructure not only delights visitors but also opens new horizons for investors. The hospitality and service industry finds fertile ground here to innovate and meet the needs of modern travelers. Luxury hotels, authentic guesthouses, and accommodation options for all tastes merge into a solid network of possibilities.

Sibiu is not only a place for tourists but also a space for enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Investments in restaurants, souvenir shops, guided tours, or other creative experiences are welcomed with open arms. This picturesque destination encourages innovation in the tourism industry, as every corner of Sibiu can become a story told through the services provided.


Average Salary Income

The average salary income in Sibiu is competitive, allowing employees to enjoy a decent standard of living and enabling investors to offer attractive compensation packages.

Business Activities


Businesses in Sibiu are known for innovation and competitiveness. The logistics infrastructure and support of government agencies facilitate business development and expansion.


Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu - Specializations

Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu offers educational programs in various fields such as engineering, economics, exact sciences, arts, and social sciences, ensuring a continuous flow of young professionals into the labor market.



Sibiu County is known for its automotive industry, with significant companies involved in the production of automotive components and assembly. This industry provides opportunities for development and collaboration in a continuously growing sector.


International Trade in Goods

Sibiu is an important transportation and logistics hub, facilitating international trade in goods and opening the path for exports to various markets.

The NATO Command in Sibiu


The presence of the NATO Command (NATO Multinational South-East Corps) in Sibiu adds value to the region, boosting the local economy through international connections and opportunities for collaboration in areas such as security, technology, and innovation.

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