Sibiu Business Agency

Sibiu Business Agency

Investment Attraction and Export Promotion

We Help business development

For a sustainable development of the county through foreign investments, exports, and consultancy. A trusted partner for local and international businesses.

Through public-private partnerships and diverse services, promoting sustainable economic growth.

Business & Start-up Consulting

Consultancy to foreign investors interested in doing business in Sibiu, offering details about the environment, legislation, opportunities, and investment analysis.

Support in Accessing Funds

Assistance in identifying and applying for financing, grants, and financial support programs available at the national or European level.

Information & Resources

Provision of relevant information related to the local and international market, export requirements, economic trends, and other useful resources for business development.

Networking & Partnerships

Creating opportunities for connection between entrepreneurs, organizations, and experts, facilitating collaborations, partnerships, and the exchange of expertise.

Export Promotion

Assistance in developing export strategies, identifying target markets, meeting export requirements, and managing risks associated with international trade.

Public & Private Partnerships

Supporting public-private collaboration for sustainable economic development through joint projects, infrastructure, and initiatives that drive regional growth.

Encouraging Export

The Export Promotion Program of Sibiu Business Agency is designed to complement private initiative by:

Identifying and exploiting market opportunities abroad
Positioning Sibiu exporters as competitive suppliers at the international level
Supporting the access of Sibiu companies to foreign markets

Encouraging Investors

To stay competitive in the local business environment and to successfully attract foreign companies, two conditions must be fulfilled:

Good economic conditions for business activities
Raising awareness of Sibiu's potential as a sustainable business location

Development Strategy

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